Accessing micro SD card

I use mergeMp3 to merge all the individual mp3 tracks into a single mp3.  It is free, fast, and easy (I found it, it isn’t my creation).

Advantages to this are:

-a single file to manage (copying, ID tags, etc)

-no need to set the ID tags for CD and track correct.

-if I want album art, there is just one copy of it, and I can put it right in the mp3.

-**while listening, there is only ONE file…so if I pause and go listen to music and come back, I just go to the one file.  With separate tracks, I had to remember/hunt for the specific track I was listening.

-while listening, I get a better gauge of progress (5 hrs into it, 4 hrs left).

I still use CDex to rip the individual CDs, getting tracks by CD; then I run mergeMp3 on them.