AC charger

Hey! I know that every 1A,5V AC charger is suitable for the Clip, but i don’t know how the performance of the charger takes effect to battery life. I mean can I use a 300 mAh charger or even a 500 mAh, it won’t reduce the battery life more?

This is one I am still not sure about mate.

I got a 5v AC charger that outputs 330mAh but have heard the clip should have 400mAh.

Still wont use it as am not sure if the mAh simply affects how long it will take to charge or whether I could do damage with a low mAh of 330 or damage with a high mAh of 1000mAh.

Got my eyes and ears open.


I’m pretty sure there’s nothing to worry about in either case (high or low charger mA rating), as long as the voltage is correct. If the charger has a low rating, it will simply take longer to charge the device. And if it has a high rating, it will still only output as much current as the device is designed to operate at. The rating is only the maximum current the charger outputs. If you connect a 300mA device to a 1000 mA charger, the charger delivers 300mA, no more. Ohm’s Law at work.

Thanks for the info. I was sure that the mA rating only causes a slower or quicker recharging. But I didn’t know that it means the maximum output. 

a second thanks.

I  will  try using an old (wall wart) powered USB 1  hub, I have (not pluged into the computer) and see if that will  do the trick.

I theory, I could charge four Clips at once: :smiley:

(to cheap and lazy to buy another dedicated charger)

Happy TRails