AC and car charger for Sansa Clip+

Hello ALL,

I just bougth Clip+ to my son as a present. Also, I bougth AC charger: JET (HW-B0504, DC 5V 400mA), and car charger: noname (DC 5V 1.5A). However, when charging via laptop, I can read “Connected” and see animation how battery is filled. But when I use AC or car charger"Connected" is present, but battery picture appears as full. Thus, I am not sure if charging occurs at all.

Please, help me with this. What is wrong here? Are AC and car chargers OK or something is wrong with them? What exactly should I use?



The “Connected” screen does not appear when charging via AC/DC, and so you are fine there.

As to the battery icon showing as full when charging via AC/DC, they often are innacurate.  I might try charging via the chargers you bought when the Clip+ battery has been worn down a bit, such as to the halfway point, and then see if the battery icon shows a less-than-full state.

Thanks for the answer so much! I will check, following your advice.

In addition, I left for charking via AC adapter for whole night (12 hours approx.), and it seems as 2/3 charged, not fully.



Once again, it could simply be an issue with the icon, which has been known to have reliability issues.