AC Adapter help

Just received my Sansa Connect and was about to charge it for the first time using the AC Adapter. I admit I’m not the most technologically advanced person but I know how to plug in a plug and obviously something is missing here - - the “prongs” are not long enough to fit into any wall plug. They’re not even really prongs, just 2 little metal loop things. There is a button that says “push” and it appears something fits into the adapter over the little loop things. Am I missing a part or something?? I would prefer to use the AC adapter as opposed to charging thru the computer. 

It sounds like the plug you’re describing is the part that plugs into the Sansa Connect.  If so, the other end plugs into a USB port on your computer, or into an AC adapter block.  Maybe you didn’t get the AC adapter block part?

There us a USB cord that plugs into the Sansa Connect and then into either the computer or the AC adapter and I did receive the AC adapter or “block part” that is suppose to plug into the wall but it cannot be plugged into the wall, a normal plug has “prongs” that fit into the wall socket (like the link you sent), but my AC adapter just has these little u-shaped prongs.  The AC adapter has a groove around where the “prongs” should be and a button that pushes in that says “push” so I’m wondering if there is some attachment that fits into that groove that allows the plug to be plugged into the wall.  I would think that everyone who ordered a Connect would have received the same AC adapter?  I contacted the seller but of course have not received a response yet.  It took almost 6 hours to fully charge it for the first time, maybe that’s just because it was the first time but I’m hoping the AC adapter will charge it faster. 

Oh wait, I remember the Sansa Connect AC adapter now.  Yes, it comes with a wall plug attachment that fits into that groove that you mentioned.

Yes, I just checked my backup White box No-Wi-fi Connect, that is still in its box.  The A/C adapter comes in two parts: The block you’re describing with a U groove on it, and a little dual-prong plug-on-a-plate.  The thin plate slides into the U groove, so the two prongs stick out normally, to make a normal-looking A/C adapter…  I guess it’s for different areas, so they can ship the correct prongs for the area.

Do you still have your original packaging to check for the prongs?  They should be there.  If you got a No-Wi-fi Connect in a white box, that little dual-pronged thing has its own molded place in the packaging.