AC adapter for Clip+: $2.99 with free ship, from (generic charger)

Although other AC charger deals have been posted at the Clip forum, I thought I’d post this one here, in case anyone was looking for an AC charger for the Clip+.

$2.99 with free ship from  The item may ship from Asia, in which case shipping may take 2-3 weeks.  But it should arrive–Meritline is a decent company (based in California).

The charger is a generic one (nothing really special here) but seems to work fine for me; the price is great.  The connection cord is permanently attached to the charger–what I wanted, so no more hunting for the original connection cable.  And the electrical prongs are oriented so that the charger will not block outlets.  When charging, the Clip+ even can rest on the charger.

The charger website stats:

Mini USB Travel/Home Charger
Input: 100V - 240V 50-60Hz 0.2A
Output: 5.0V / 500mA
Plug never heats or overcharges the battery
Intelligent IC chip inside recognizes a full battery and automatically switch to a saver

This is being sold as a USB power for Motorola.  

I know that Motorola does something tricky with their chargers; you can’t charge a Motorola phone with a standard USB AC charger, though you can charge it from a computer.  They look for some other signal that just USB 5V.

That makes me suspicious of using a Motorola charger with a device that uses generic USB.  

Maybe someone who understands the pinouts can reassure us that it’s not a problem, that there is no downside to use a USB charger for Motorola.  Heck, I have Motrola USB chargers I don’t use, might be nice to use them as generic chargers.

But I know Motorola phones need a bit tricky; that just makes me a bit cautious.

People in the Clip forum routinely have noted that their Motorola Razr chargers worked just fine with the Clip.