AC Adapter Error

I’ve had my Sandisk Fuze since May, and until now, it has performed exactly as I wanted it to. This morning, I started having a problem regarding AC charging.

Basically, while connected to the AC adapter, it now behaves as if it is plugged into my computer. It displays the “Connected” image, and stops any playback. This hasn’t happened before, I’ve normally been able to charge while connected to the AC adapter and play at the same time.

I have an 8 GB Fuze v2. I have not changed anything with the device, I haven’t altered the firmware, I hadn’t even connected it to a computer since the last time I was successfully using the AC adapter. 

Your AC charger is acting up. It shouldn’t make a data connection like that. Try only plugging it in half-way or get a different one.

Same idea, here.  If it’s the kind with interchangeable cables, try a different cable.

Plugging it in half way worked, it charges without acting like it is connected to a computer. Thanks guys, I’ll look into getting a new adapter.