About this 2006 Sansa c240 from Newegg.com

Hello and Happy New Year to All !!!   -   A friend of mine gave me his old Sansa c240 and it came with the USB cable too, he told me he hadn’t used it in a few years - as he’s to techie now and switched over to Apple products - Oh My!!!.  My plans for using this old 2006 c240, is to use it while out Surfing, Sailboarding, Standup Paddle Boarding and Kitesurfing(with a waterproof case and waterproof headphones).  I don’t see a version number on the back of this one(only has SanDisk 1.0GB on it), but the version number on the screen - under the “System Info” area is - VER: 01.00.03A.  Could someone please let me know if this is the newest version update, or let me know where I can find the newest one.  Thanks for all who respond with your help, and have a Great 2015 too - Thanks Again…         

This is more info about this c240  - 

Version Info:   Product Rev.: PP5022BF-06.10-S301-06.10-S301.00.03ART
Base Code: 06.10-S301-06.10-S301.00.03ART
ODM Ver.: S301-06.10-S301.00.03ART
OEM Ver.: S301.00.03ART
Build Type: RT
Build Date: 2006.10.04
Build Number: (Build 13.17)

Thats a c200v1, so you could grab a newer firmware from the firmware thread probably.

You might want to try rockbox on that device though, since its pretty well supported and the sandisk firmware hasn’t been updated in the better part of a decade.