About firmware

v.1.28 fixes most of my problems, and I am now a rather happy audiobooks reader on the device.

I understood that the internals components limit badly the extension of the firmware (bad choice from the company).

There is a very simple solution : dedicate a few lines of code to make possible the firmware installation on the external memory card.

See Rockbox !

And, there is no Rockbox port for the Sport player . . . .


They haven’t work on this new component code and they don’t see interest in it because it is too much specific to this device. The “market” of it is not wide enough.

I didn’t suggest to rewrite the firmware in the Rockbox style. I meant that Rockbox firmware can be read from the external SD card.

My idea is that Sandisk could have a longer firmware, with no limitations of the search modes, number of titles, union of internal and external cards,  if they add the few lines of code which make possible ending the boot from the external SD card.