AAC, Audio books, Itunes... I could really use some help!

I just bought a fuze+.  My only reason for choosing it was because I was told it was my best option for audio books. 

I also noticed the site itself said that Sandisk worked for a variety of formats including AAC. 

Well, I just purchased two books from the Itunes store, which are in the AAC format.  I tried loading them onto my player and they just aren’t showing up.

I loaded them into the music folder, because there was no “audio book” folder.  First I uploaded them in folders, the player told me the music folder was empty.  Then, I took them out of the folders and just put them in the music folder, the player still told me I had nothing in the music folder.

How do I get these to play?  I’m at my witts end with this…I wanted a portible music player that I could easily transfer audio books onto, and easily play them back in the correct order.  From reading the packaging my Fuze+ came with, and other reviews on the net, I thought I had found that player, but so far, this isn’t working. 

Any help would be appreciated, just please keep it in plain english.  I’m not very tech savvy.  I’m used to using a Creative Labs Muvo V100 for my audio books and would happily continue, if the poor thing wasn’t wearing out.  The simplier you can explain it to me, the better. 

i had similar problem at first with books in mp3, after i updated the firmware to the newest version the player recognize them as audiobooks and place it in the audiobooks section.