AA battery powered mp3 player?

Everyone seems to be dancing around the main problem here. The NUMBER one reason that you will probably never see an mp3 player that uses AA or even AA or ANY type of externally replaceable battery(s) is - FINANCIAL. The manufacturers need those “built-in” batteries to go belly up, so that they can sell you another player - maybe even their next generation with all kinds of bells and whistles in it. But if you’re able to hold on to your player and are happy with what it does - and - you take the responsibility to the power needs of it, how are THEY going to stay in business? (UNLESS - THEY MAKE A RECHARGEABLE BATTERY REPLACEMENT CARTRIDGE FOR YOU (like APC and their UPS devices) - what a concept!!! Of course they’d have to charge (sorry about that) you a lot - parts, shipping,handling,fondling,obsessing, drooling,whatever,etc,etc - in order to maintain a profit margin and stay in business. of course they could always make a player that has a limited “physical” life - IE - after a thousand or so times of pushing this or that button, it craps out - I believe they call that “planned obsolescence”. But nobody would do that - right?

This thread is still going? Really?

There may be another alternative; portable audio recorders.  The professional grade recorders generally have excellent playback quality and all the ones I’ve seen run on AA or AAA batteries.  The Yamaha C24 meets most of your requirements.  It runs for 34 hours on one AAA battery, accepts micro sdhc cards, has a low-power backlit monochrome screen, and some sort of clip (although I don’t think it’s what you’re looking for).  They aren’t designed for the purpose, so they don’t have FM tuners, generally don’t accept a wide variety of formats (usually just wav and mp3) and tend to be rather expensive, but they seem to be the closest things on the market to the long sought-after AA/AAA powered, removable storage mp3 player.

Another user who is looking for that elusive AA battery powered MP3 player.

  • Great sound

  • build in memory 4g or 8 g.

  • FM tuner,

  • small low power display - 3 lines of black and white 40 character text.

  • Minimum of 50 hours of play time.

  • voice recording

  • splash tolerant.  Does not need to be submersible but a little rain or sweat should not kill it.

Table steaks

  • are the ability to play the popular formats,

  • functions like a flash drive,

  • can play songs in a directory hierarchy.

  • SD card slot would be a bonus.

  • AM would be a superb bonus but not really expecting this.

Beating a dead horse?  Only if a product like this is not resurrected.

I have an MP3 player with AA battery before.  And I am not using it anymore.  It is just like a USB and It is limited to some command like play/pause botton, stop and forward and playback bottons as well.  Very simple.  I am just wondering if they can develop MP3 player, touch screen and batttery operated 

The recorders lack tag browsing. They also don’t support variable bitrates. They seem to support just mp3 and WMA. I have heard that two popular recorders won’t even keep the songs within an album in proper order. I was almost tempted to buy a recorder, but was discouragfed after hearing that.l

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Sexiest AA batteries ever

I know, I know, that’s a bold statement up there in the headline, 'cause there are a lot of fine-looking AAs out there. These are Sanyo’s newest NiMH rechargeable batteries and, honestly, when was the last time you saw batteries with a tribal tattoo?

Read more: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-20075734-1/sexiest-aa-batteries-ever/#ixzz1QmMDxDTe

Ah, marketing  …

The thing that catches my eye is the little “powered by eneloop technology” badge in the upper left. Eneloops are widely regarded as among the best rechargeable batteries, so if these are amped-up Eneloops, they ought to be great. Ridiculous “eXXtreme” labelling aside.

The extreme label is to justify the extreme price. :slight_smile: $23.45 for a 4 pack? I don’t like to pay more than $10 for a 4 pack of AA nimh batteries. Ideally I would like to pay $7 or less. The regular Eneloops are only around $10 for a 4 pack. Is it worth paying over double the price for 25% more capacity? I don’t think so.

True, the price is a bit steep. But once they’re more plentiful, hopefully we should be able to find them at a decent discount.

I noticed B&H Photo is taking orders for them at $19.95.  A bit cheaper than the Amazon price, but still not cheap. I guess eventually it will be under $15. B&H has the new Eneloop 1500, AA nimh 2000mah batteries chargeable 1500 times 4 pack for $10. At half the price of the 2500 mah, I would rather have the 2000mah ones.

I’m still hoping for a player like this.

At around $200 the Yamaha C24 is too expensive. I was looking at the Olympus ws700m which is only around $75. It has no tag browsing though. The ws710m has FM radio and more built in memory(8GB vs 4GB) but is around $110. These also sort files by date, rather than by title name or track number.

The Sony recorders ICD-PX312, ICD-AX412 and ICD-UX512 use AAA batteries and have a microSDHC card slot. These only support files up to 192kbps, but do support variable bitrate files. The PX312 has a mono mic, while the others have a stereo mic. I don’t know how well  these recorders work as players. I assume there is no tag browsing, only browsing by folders.

Try an Olympus digital voice recorder such as the Olympus WS-803 Voice Recorder. It (and the similar models) has a built in music player. The Olympus web site actually has a list of their voice recorder with built-in music players. It has a built-in FM radio. It runs 27 hours [claimed] on 1 AAA battery, it has a lcd screen, it uses a micro-sd card up to 32gb, it has a pop-out USB connection, and if you install a nickel-metal-hydride battery it will recharge the battery through the USB port. It’s not too bulky either, only 1.6" x 3.9" x .6". One big advantage for me is the large controls. I often have a hard time with the tiny controls on many MP3 players. Does not remember bookmarks though. :frowning:

I hope this is helpful.

The WS-803 and WS-802 seem to have the same issues as older WS-700. There is no tag browsing, and getting the files to play in the order you want(ie. playing an album of songs in the correct order) may be an issue.

I use my Sandisk Clip+ with a Tekkeon mp1550(the newer model is mp1580) which lets me charge the player several times from 4AA nimh batteries. If the WS-802 had tag browsing I probably would have bought it already. You can download the manual for it on the Olympus website.

Not for everyone on this…  Absolutely a player that would run on AAA batteries is much much better.   Why dont they do this?  Simple. Because they wouldn’t be selling as many!   It’s like power drills.  They used to sell coorded ones with a built in clutch (you know the 1-20 settings), but they stopped and only offer them in the coordless version.  Why?  Because they wont sell the cordless ones as often if the clutch was on the reliable coorded one.   It’s the same thing here;  you no AAA’s because people would use the same player for 10 years.  Cant do that with the lithium, polymer, whatever batteries…  Plus there are lots of issues with charging these things…  How much do you drain the battery first?, do you do incorrectly? if so, your battery goes bad a lot faster…  That’s what happens with players.   if you need a player that runs on batteries (AAA) and uses a SD card, I heard you should get a portable voice recorder with a play function!

I still want a AA battery powered mp3 player with a card slot!