A VERY positive experience

I need to know who I would contact at the corporate level to share my very positive experience with the Titanium 4GB flash drive. Unfortunately, I have now washed the drive twice, having left it in my pants pocket. But the second time, I also had it thrown in the dryer. This time the drive casing fell apart, but the internal part of the drive was recognized by the USB port and every bit of my very critical data is intact. I would recommend this drive to anyone on the planet, and wanted to pass this along to the corporate types so they can do what they want with my story.

A very satisfied SanDisk user.

i would start with sandisks facebook page


Do you really think the Powers That Be at Sandisk sit at their desks and read Facebook!!!

This webpage may help:  http://www.sandisk.com/about-sandisk/contact-us

as may this one: http://www.sandisk.com/about-sandisk/management

you would be very surprised to see just who looks at the social network sites. this is a huge phenomenon right now and all marketing people and execs are looking for ways to tap into the sheer volume of users on these sites.  

I don’t disagree with the social networks popularity but mgmt types only look at numbers and go to meetings.  Their staffs do all the work.  :smileyvery-happy: