A very important note to everybody who owns mac

The Sansa company sells sansa fuze with the claim it is mac compatable.  That is simply a fraudulent statement.  I have spent more time that I should have trying to get things to work.  I have actually gone through the complicated steps of importing the songs but the whole process is simply stupid waste of time when I consider the endless problems I am faced with (and do not waste any more time explaining in detail).  I am not a negative person.  I am am happy, easy going person that needs tons of problems to wake up to the fact that some companies and individuals are not worth all the trust I naturally have towards them.  Anyway.  This sansa is going to the waste basket and I warn all mac owners to not buy any of sansa products.  

I consider it my duty to warn mac owners everywhere of this fraudulent statements of Sansa and am ready to take the company to court.

Warm regards to everybody.


I use the Fuze with a mac at school all the time. I am getting a mac book in a few days and plan to use it on that too. Its really rather simple to do, if you start in the right direction. There were 3 tings I had to make sure of when starting to use it on the mac:

  1. MSC USB Mode

  2. Drag and Drop transfer method

  3. If I HAVE to use Itunes, make sure I get mp3 not ACC files.

If you take these things into consideration then your fuze should work like a charm.

Where does SanDisk (the Sansa Company) specifically claim that the Fuze is mac compatible.  I’m just curious, since I just looked at the Sansa fuze page and the user manual, neither of those mention the mac.  In fact, the user manual says:

Minimum System Requirements
• Windows XP SP2
• Windows Media Player v10
• Intel Pentium class PC or higher
• Internet access (broadband recommended)
• CD-ROM drive (if product package includes a CD)
• USB 2.0 port for hi-speed transfers and charging

So I’m curious as to where they claim it woudl work with a mac.

Either way, it is my understanding that a few users around here have used their Sansa Fuze with an Apple computer and got it working just fine.  I do believe it must be used in MSC USB mode (your mac should then recognize the player as a flash memory drive, like a USB drive), and you have to realize that iTunes file formats (ACC) are not supported by the Fuze (something that SanDisk never claimed).  

If you were to set the Fuze to MSC mode and convert all your iTunes songs (I assume you use iTunes) to a valid file format then it should all work fine. 

Sorry to hear that you had endless problems with it.  A little about myself too: I am not usually a negative person either, pretty happy on most days and easy going too!

So… when you couldn’t get it to work with on your Mac… why didn’t you just return the player and jump on the iPod bandwagon? 

Good luck taking SanDisk to court over this!   

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Viva la our litigous society!

Let me know how that court battle unfolds, mm’kay?!? :rolleyes:

Amazon.com sys req’s:

  • System requirements: Windows XP or Vista; Linux or Mac OS (under MSC mode); Windows Media Player 10 or 11; USB 2.0 port

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