A Shaky Fault

My first clip was purchased about 2 years ago, and within a few months of my wife’s marathon running it failed, so I purchased another and sent the failed one back for repair (not in the UK). It failed with no power, it charged on USB OK but as soon as I took it off nothing, except when I shook it It rattled a bit. I have had 1 other issue since when I had to do a force reset and lost all her running tracks but the replacement and returned have both performed fantastic. I use one is for slow runs, the other is for fast paced runs.

Now one has failed again, same issues as before, works on USB but nothing.

So just ordered a new 8GB + to go with a 8GB micro SD card I have lying around (she always wanted me to add/ change songs, now she can have 8X more than before)

However if I shake it it rattles and it sort of tried to power up once.

So I had a go and opened the case (screwdriver around the volume switch) and opened with no signs of damage.

There it was the red power lead is off main board. The battery was held in with 2 strips of 2mm wide double sided tape which have failed allowing the battery to work loose and cause the power lead to fail due to momentum during exercise.

How stupid is that, the surface of the battery is also not smooth so possibly less than half was adhering to the battery. a bit of foam between the battery and case would of also stopped the battery from moving along with using the full available width of 15mm for the tape. The battery also looks a bit well, tin foil with the edges easily deformed.

So my mod will be to use 2 layers of double sided tape (15mm wide), bit of very thin foam, or a bit of silicone adhesive with a bit of cling film on the plastic case side in case I need to take the back off again (this should ensure good tight fit against the back casing and reduce the battery from moving, and solder the wire back on. Ill add the silicone just before I close it up again so it sets tight and moulds in place.

As for the 8GB+ in the post, still give to the wife and Ill keep this JAZ modded one myself.    

Thanks–this battery issue has been an issue from the beginning.  The tip-off:  when your player works when attached to a power source but not when on battery alone.

Yep and the other tip off, if it rattles or you feel something may be moving inside, it will soon fail.