A request for the next firmware: smarter Genre navigation

I have the tags thing pretty under control, and I am already used to find what I want to listen by Artist–>Album navigation. If it’s a compilation album, I search for it by Album or using a Playlist. However, having a 4Gb device results in having lots of albums, and browsing can be tedious. Moreover, if some of the albums turn out to be compilations the artists list can be HUGE. One workaround for this can be the folder navigation, and lots has been said about it. Another possibility is the use of playlist for each compilation album, but that doesn’t solve the problem of havings 100s of artists.

So here comes the ‘Genre’ tag to rescue!! it may be a useful way for narrowing down my search… but only if I’m searching for an artist, because a genre selection leads to an artist list and then to an album list. But if I want to get to a multiple artist album that belongs to a given genre? There is no way to select it. I have to go back and find the desired album in the (long) album list.

So this is my request: the ‘Genre’ navigation could be more useful if it allowed to select albums belonging to that genre, instead of (or even better, in addition to) the artists.

Besides, this could be a good workaround for the lack of folder navigation and may be (even) easier to implement.