A problem with Audiobooks on my MP3

Hey all,

I like to download some files from TED- MP3 files.

No problem with that(usually), but some files just do not appear on the player’s screen.

They are on the file, I can play them, while the device is plugged to the computer, but it doesn’t appear on the player itself.

Also some files become B. Their orgnial name on the comuter is fine, but the player changes their names to B.

Any guess here?



Correct ID3 tags (or more accurately, the lack of same) . . . for both issues.

Correct, or readable ID3 tags (or more accurately, the lack of) . . . for both issues.

Hi. Any work around that we can do here? 

@peleus wrote:

Hi. Any work around that we can do here? 

Yes–as mentioned above, edit the ID3 tags (and fill them in). 

And set the player’s USB mode (under its Settings) to MSC mode, to avoid the computer’s/player’s change of the names (which can happen with USB MTP mode).  Note:  as a computer will only show the files on the player that were transferred to the player in the mode that the player then is connected to the computer under, best to only use one USB mode or the other for the player (and to avoid the Auto setting, which may use both modes); if needed to have all your files under one USB mode (if you currently have both MSC and MTP mode transferred files), transfer your files back to your computer (to get them all, transfer the files you see with the player set to each of MSC and MTP modes), erase the files on your player, set your player to the USB mode you want to use, and then transfer the files back to the player.

Thank you, How do I eait the ID3 tags?

MP3Tag is a good freeware tag editor, available on the web.