a mysterious beheavior

I have had my Sansa Fuze for a month now and didn’t have any problem with it… I stopped using it for a week and the next time I came to look at it, all my data on the player mysteriously disappeared… Now I’m trying to plug my player into the computer, but it wouldn’t  read the player. Infect it willl show on the mp3 screen “connecting” than “writting” appearing as if it’s charging the battery but within a minute the screen would freeze… Does anyone know how I an fix this @_@

I’ve tried to soft reset with the deivice not connected to the computer a few times and it’s still not working… I’ve plugged the player using the USB port at the back of the computer and also updated to the newest WMP but still now working @_

Try both MSC and MTP mode (not sure what you have tried).  Settings/System Settings/USB Mode. 

Try to Reset Factory Settings as well.

Try another computer to see if it might be your machine.