A must read for those tired of Censorship.

I am being told to change my name if I want to continue to be a part of this forum…

Have a read,


FROM: ModeratorMrSmileyFace                                                                     SENT:  02-27-2008 04:02 AM  
Sansa Forum Support

If you would like to be a part of the community, I will have to request that you change your user login. Feel free to just create a new account.

In regards to your post, it is inappropriate. I understand that you have your opinion of such things, and your more then welcome to your free thought.
But do not slandar any cultures, people or individuals.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best Regards,
Sansa Forum Support


So yeah, thats what I had waiting on me upon logging in today. 

I will watch my posts, but being told to change my name inorder to be a member? 

“Freedom of speech and freedom of expression without fear of persicution” must not exist in this world anymore.

If any1 is offended by my name they can ignore me as a user. I mean, isnt this a site for adults? And if parents are allowing their kids in here then where is
the parental guidence?

So I told Mr Smiley I will watch my post, yet I will not change my name.

Lets see how long it takes them to delete my name.

That will be a nice little show of discrimination if they do seeing as how I have seen worse names on here than mine.

I stand by my private message.

If you had preferred my request through a post, I would have been happy to accommodate you.
In regards to parental guidance, it may in fact be the parents responsibility, but this forum is intended for anyone and everyone. 
There is no personal grudge against your username, its simply policy. We can not have vulgaraties being used in hidden or misleading
way, as to mask the true word intended.

There is no issue, if you do not feel like changing it, and this will not be dragged out further.

Best Regards,
Mr.SmileyFace and The Sansa Forum Team

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you are just being a little immature brat. i really dont care what your name is as it does not effect me in anyway however
not everyone wants to look at or let their kids look at your vulgerness. if a mod asks you nicely you should comply. if not i hope they
delete your account just for being an ass.

Message Edited by MrSmileyFace on 02-28-2008 07:40 AM

Your being ridiculous, change your name and get over it.

Like Dr.Lucky said, I dont want my kids signing on and reading screen-names like that on companies websites that I trust.
If your in the mindset that kids under 18 don’t come to this forum, your have to be kidding yourself (take yourself for example, your like what, 14?)

Hate to state the obvious, but your probably just a kid who thinks he’s in the right. Time to grow up a little up.

Message Edited by Enigma on 02-28-2008 07:45 AM

Blah, delete my account. Im done testing you lamers.

phuq mii n da arse and call me Mable

Have a nice day

Oh and Enigma, suk a phat cok ya b1tch ni66a  : )