A few suggestions (I have e280v2 euro with FM)

  1. Player shut-down (when inactive) after fully charged.

  2. Sort mp3´s with genre “audiobook” to be sorted in audiobooks menu.

  3. Allow placement of several bookmarks (preferably in both audiobooks and songs/playlists)

4) The same artist on the internal and external cards do not get properly sorted in the database so the artist appears as two separate entries in the artist listing. From what I have seen the same is true for genre menu as well (which I do not use that much).

  1. Low level setting in the volume does not work so why not just remove it? Now that the volume span in the loud setting is so wide, that is quite sufficient.

6) Implement more precise battery charge level information in information section.

  1. Make the player NOT insert meaningless combinations of numbers and letters in folder names on the external card. Happens during database update I guess and eventually leads to almost unrecognizable folder names.

All that said I must say I love this little player! You did a great job with it! It is very handy and I can fit a LOT of music on it. It´s got the looks too and the sound is crisp and clear. VERY GOOD! I searched/compared quite a lot before I went for this one as the best price/feature option and I must say I am not dissapointed. But nothing good that can not be made better, huh!

Regards and thanks for working for us!