A few questions

I would like to get a Clip Zip when they are (finally) released in the UK but have some questions:

Does it sound better then the Clip+ or the same?

Will UK models have the horrible EU sound restriction in place?

Can you turn off album art and just have a black screen?

Can you sync it with Winamp easily?

Is there a maximum file limit?



Yes, but easily circumvented (as with the earlier Clips).

No–if the files have associated album art, it will show.

I don’t sync–hopefully someone else will know.

Same situation as with the Clip+. 

Thank you for your reply, so it is basicly a Clip+ with a new case and colour screen?

At least I know the UK release date now; 15th Sept (according to Play.com).

For starters, yes the Clip Zip is a Clip+ with the addition of a colour screen (I love the English spelling)- with a few nice refinements.  The interface is improved, and has a very nice alphabetical search function, quite handy.

Also, for those who enjoy the FM radio, the new RDS capable receiver is more sensitive, a definite improvement.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

And it has some other nifty goodies that also are not absolutes, but nice to have: a time-of-day indication on the screen (I don’t know why, but I find it handy), a timer (if you’re one of those exercise types, nice to have), and a sturdier clip, among other things. Oh, yes, and the ability to play non-DRM’d aac files (the iTunes standard)–very important for those using iTunes.