A couple quick questions

I have a very quick technical question.

1.I have a new laptop, can I plug my existing Sanza Fuse in and download my music library to my new laptop?

Probably yes with a few Ifs.

Yes if they are plain old .mp3 files or unprotected .wma files. 

Yes if you transferred them in MSC mode (Settings/System Settings/USB) and you can see them when you connect the Sansa, or if you transferred them in MTP mode without copy protection. (If you transferred in MTP mode your new laptop needs Windows Media Player 10 or 11.) 

No if they have DRM limitations–that is, if you got them from places like Rhapsody to Go or Napster, or if Windows Media Player tricked you into adding copy protection. 

I use my fuze on 2 computers at the moment.  I have one at home now and put some audiobooks on there that I don’t want on my Fuze at the moment.  I mostly sync with my computer at work (I’m on it more often and better internet service).