A couple of questions before buying

Hey guys :slight_smile:

I was very close to buying the 8gb clip sansa when a coworker showed me her sansa (a regular one, 4gb) and showed me how she uses it. According to her, you can’t navigate through folders, only through artist/genre/album etc., which is useless for me since my files are not tagged. Is it correct or can the 8gb clip+ easily navigate through uploaded folders?

Second, some reviews mentioned that it plays music in either a slightly lower pitch or at a slower tempo. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Thanks a lot for everyone’s help :slight_smile:


The Clip+ also navigates via folder (it’s the bottom listing under the Music selection).  However, do note that the the display shows the track info. based on ID3 tag, generally (exceptions for files stored in the Audiobooks and Podcasts folders, which will fall back to the file and folder names; and for files with a Podcast or Audiobook genre ID3 tag). 

Speed/pitch had a slight variance earlier, which most people didn’t notice; this was improved in an earlier fix and is even slighter now–it is highly unlikely you would notice anything in normal use.

Hope this helps–the Clips are nifty little players.

Love my 4GB sansa clip+.  Just got home from a bus trip and the audiobooks and music I had loaded on it made the trip go so much faster than it used to.  Also, the battery charge is awesome.  I ran that little player for so many hours round trip (ride was10 hours each way and must have ran the player for at least 4 hours each way) and only used about 20 percent of the charge.  I was in shock.

Just be careful with the charge meter–it isn’t exactly linear and you may have less charge left than you would expect from the meter.  Best to keep the player charged up (that doesn’t hurt the battery, and it is, in fact, best not to let the battery fully discharge as a matter of course).