A couple of Fuze suggestions

What I wouldn’t give for…

  1. An option for scanning for memory card changes manually instead of on every insert.  Or it could at least ask first?  I’m soooo sick and tired of incurring five minute waits every time I accidentally pop a card out.  It’s a major disincentive against swapping between cards too.  I know full well that the contents haven’t changed, and if the Fuze hasn’t been near a USB cable recently, it should have a pretty good idea too.  Grr!

  2. Voice recordings

  • The ability to record (or at least move) to memory card - if main memory is full, there is no record functionality!

  • The ability to lower the bitrate to save space

  • Any way whatsoever of finding out how much room voice recordings are taking up

  • The option to keep music playing while recording.

  1. A battery percentage in the bottom right corner of the screen, instead of hidden away in the deepest menu of the darkest dungeon of Gl’thrg beyond the Mountain of Despair.  Honestly.

The end.