A corrupted recording file - is there any way I can recover it?


Today I made a recording that lasted about 10 minutes. The recording itself took place without problems, there were no error messages, after I hit ‘Stop’ I selected ‘Save’ and thought everything would be fine - as it’s been before. However, I could not play the recording, neither can I do it on the computer (it says that the file is corrupted or format is unsupported). Now- it weighs about 17 mbs so I know there actually is data there, but something went wrong with the saving process I guess. Is there any way to retrieve this sound?

Also, why would that happen? Is it because of its length? Or was it a random error?

Thanks for help

Hahaha, now this is getting interesting !

I’ve downloaded GoldWave because I was told that it can recover corrupted wave files. And yes it does. But…

When I open it there, a dialog box appears - “Cannot determine format of file (…) Please specify a format below”.

There are 2 general options: Raw file and Dialogic (vox). When I select the raw file… the file turns out to be a slower version of a part of a completely different mp3 I have on the player  (it sounds just like the original, albeit about 2x slower)!! 

If I select the Dialogic type what I get is… about an hour of noise.

This is really weird. And now I recall that once I had a simillar situation - the file I recorded did not work as well. I didn’t realize it was a problem and I thought I simply pressed the ‘stop’ button too quickly (it looked as if the recording ended right after beginning). 

Not only is this a bug, but also a pretty strange one. The Fuze puts some random mp3 into the recording and slows it down.

Now what’s the cause of it? I think the devs should take a closer look, seems that there is some problem with the file saving process.

Fortunately it wasn’t anything important, but if it happened while recording something significant I’d be pissed ; ). The worts thing is that this may happen again…