A/C Wall Charger Question

Hey Guys!

Well, I got me one of them thar $1.50 wall chargers that someone on here had recommended, and I’m using it for the first time right now. Just wondering: Will the Clip stop charging when once it becomes fully charged using this type of charger??? -or is it possible to overcharge it???



The way I understand it, the Clip is in control of the charging. That is necessary because of the potential for overcharging & overheating of the battery. All manufacturers had to put that controller on-board the battery to be safe.

Thanks, Bug- that is what I was worried about.

Also: Can one power down the Clip while it is charging with the A/C charger? I did it this way at 1st (turned the Clip off after it came on when I connected it to the charger)- but after a few hours, the charge had increased…but wasn’t full- Then I tried leaving it on…and then got impatient, so now it’s on the computer to finish up. (Can’t be the charger…you expect quyality when you pay $1.50…  and the display on the Clip did indicate it was charging…)

No problem to remove the clip from the charger at any time.  I think the device will stop charging if you turn it off, however.  Leave it powered on when connected to the AC adapter, and when the battery is full the charger will stop  (The battery icon will be on full with no animation).

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I believe that was me that recommended the high-end $1.50 wall charger (I also got the $0.01 car charger with the same order). I’ve had no problem with it in about 2 months of regular use. It stops charging when the battery is full (notice the steady [non-flashing] battery icon on the Clip). It doesn’t charge when you manually turn the Clip off after connecting the Clip to the charger (confirmed through Windows Exploder properties box before and after a 5-hour experiment). When I’m home, I’m usually playing my Clip through my home stereo off the wall charger. I’m happy. A buck-fiddy well spent.

Yes, I would agree with Bugeyed that the Sansa knows when to stop charging to prevent overheating or overcharging. Also, a lot of chargers nowadays also have smart chips built in for the same purposes (but at $1.50 I would doubt that it has the smart chip).

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Thanks, everybody! That answers my questions. Now I’m an eggspurt!

BigJohn:“Windows Exploder”. Hehe!

PS: Thanks, BigJohn- I believe it was your link that tipped me to the “expensive but good” charger!

Unbelievably nice little charger for that price! (Even with the $5 shipping)

if you have a motorola phone, you can use your phone charger to charge the clip! :smileyvery-happy:

lucky me! i only need one charger.

marqck wrote:
if you have a motorola phone, you can use your phone charger to charge the clip! :smileyvery-happy:

lucky me! i only need one charger.

Hehe…yeah- actually, these $1.50 chargers are sold as phone chargers…but I stopped carrying a cell phone 6 years ago. (Dont want to be bothered & plus, when every 8 year-old has one…it’s embarrassing!)