I have been using Roboform on my Laptop Sync’d with the U3 stick.

Roboform has decided they are no longer supporting U3. I like the mobility and security  security offered by U3, is there any other compatible site you know off which will allow me to couple the U3 stick to a mother security site loaded into the laptop.

Regards,  Bill.

Roboform has decided they are no longer supporting U3.”


Not having used Roboform I don’t understand the connection between the two.  You insert the Cruzer, reply to the prompt, then the writable portion of the Cruzer is accessible for whatever use you want.  I’ve never heard of an app that auto replies to the security prompt, nor do I see a need for it.

I’m not really familiar with Roboform. But have you tried disabling U3 and see if it makes a difference? U3 has been known to have issues, the reason why it got stopped being manufactured.