8GB in USA!!!

"More to the point, why does Europe get two 8GB clip color choices while the US only gets one? Consumer electronics companies can be so capricious. "

Because it is selling better in some countries, Like Germany. In the US pepole buy Shuffle at twice the price of the CLIP. I bet that If Sandisk had come out with such an overpriced crippled DAP, they would be selling nada. But, you know. Apple is cool…IPOD is sexy…Herd mentality! 

I saw that Amazon page yesterday (11/21) and it was around $90.  Today it sells for above list ($100.21).  And today I see that if you go to order it from Sandisk’s Sansa shopping page they show the black 8GB for $99.99 as a pre-order.  The Walmart price is still the best I’ve seen so far and you don’t have to wait weeks to get your Clip.

At the SanDisk site, wait til it goes off pre-order and then use the code at the top of this page for 15% off …

(Or, just buy 2 4gb Clips from ecost at less than $30 per …   ;)   )

I finally got a chance to play with my new black 8GB clip yesterday…  It’s an impressive little machine!  Thanks Sansa!  I tried using both mtp and msc modes.  mtp was agonizingly slow and msc was incredibly fast- so went with msc.  It works fine on Linux- I’m using Amarok to mount/umount and copy files.  Constructing the m3u playlist is a bit of a pain- seems like that could be built into Amarok in the future.  But it works :slight_smile: