8GB Fuze White Screen of DEATH!

Sansa Fuze


V.  2.03.31

Hi. I purchased this player new, around 14 months ago. It’s been a pretty good player, concerning functionality. Now I randomly get the white screen of death, coupled with some kind of data read problem. It will boot up after a long while, most of the time. At that point, it will not read my music. It tells me there is nothing on the device except for artists “V” and “F”, who have no music, as it turns out. Ejecting and reinserting my mini-sd card will make the device update the music database, and this will fix it, but it is really not worth the effort since it then randomly gives me the white screen and I have to go through the process again. It happens anywhere from the bootup to around 10 minutes into being powered on, and doesn’t seem to be prompted by anything in particular. So, if you know anything about this kind of white screen of death, I strongly implore you to share your knowledge; I really don’t want to buy a new mp3 player.

Thank you kindly :slight_smile:

If it were me, I’d format the player and re-load everything. Before transferring all those files again though, I’d first run error-checking (ChkDsk) on them to rule out (or confirm) any corruption. That may be causing your issue.