8gb Fuze+coupon code for SD card

Is anyone willing to post the coupon code that allows one to receive a 512mb microSD card from Sandisk for use with the 8gb Fuze?
I saw it advertised on the Newegg 8gb Fuze packaging, but the one I bought from another vendor a few day previous to this arrived without the coupon code. Thanks in advance if you can do this.

I believe that was a deal that newegg ran, not sandisk. So I am guessing that you wont get that deal unless you buy from newegg.

I’m not sure of the limitations of the Fuze sample µSD card offer.  I remember that the basic preloaded cars was offered with the Fuze some time around the initial release.

It was a sales promotion in limited quantities.  I missed out on it too, but invested in larger capacity µSD cards anyway.  Currently, you can find genuine SanDisk 1GB and 2GB cards under ten dollars apiece, depending upon your patience in a web search.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I’m more concerned about dust getting in the microSD card slot if it is left open.

Is this likely?

If you do you can give it the Nintendo Treatment (Just Blow Really hard in the slot)

You can also find Kingston and Trend Micro 2 GB and 4 GB uSD cards for under $10 (Newegg).  Mine work great in my Fuze although I haven’t tried loading video onto them.