8gb Clip Failure

I’ve loaded almost 800 songs onto my clip and it was working great. One day, the mp3s would not play. All the information regarding the songs, albums and artists were available, but when I selected a play option (song, album, artist) and hit play, I would see the song and the artist, but the counter would stay at 00:00 and it would not play.

I then updated the firmware, opened it in Media Player 11 and it said there were no songs on the Clip, but there was no room left on the device, like it was still full with music.

I disconnected the device, and all the songs and related information was gone, like the player was empty. 

I reconeccted the device to MP 11, and it still said there was no music, but again it indicated that there was little room left on the device, like it was still full. 

What the hell?

This seems to be happening a few people (happened to me last week). There are a few recent threads about this issue.

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet seen anyone suggest a reason why this should happen, but there appears to be an ad-hoc solution to the problem and that’s to re-format the Clip using its own “Settings -> Format” function. This should free-up the disk-space occupied by the “lost” music files.

The downside is that you’ll have to upload the tracks again.

ok, thank you

Not sure if this is relevant but it might be useful to someone…

I had something similar happen to me when I was transferring files from my MacMini  to my 8gb clip (pretty sure the memory size is irrelevant). I had previously deleted some files on the Clip using the Mac’s equivalent of Explorer. When I tried to drag the new mp3 files into the Clip I was informed there was insufficient space.

The problem was that the files still existed in the Trash can. Emptying the Trash freed up the memory.  Reformatting also solved the problem but it would delete files in directories other than the Music directory, which is not always what is required.

As I said, probably not relevant to your problem, but it might help somebody out there (it caused me to scratch my head a bit).