8 gig fuze from futureshop less than $80

I have tried this deal and it works as far as Canadians are concerned. It should work with USA too since it’s advertised as “Flat Rate Shipping $9.99 in North America”.

futureshop’s $130 ad
SigElectronic’s $80 ad

Print out SigElectronic’s ad and bring it to Futureshop. FS will beat SigElectronic’s price by 10%.   Deal ends December 15.

long story:
I purchased a 2 gig BLACK fuze from FS 2 weeks ago then I came across this deal. I printed out the ad and brought it to FS to see if I could trade up for the 8 gig. FS was more than happy to do that for me. They basically took my 2 gig back as a refund then resold me the 8 gig SILVER with the pricematch and 10%.If you don’t purchase the fuze at a Richmond Hill or Brampton FS then FS will include the $10 shipping as part of Sig’s price. This is what my recept looked like in the end:
Futureshop receipt

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Thanks for the info - I need to return my 4GB Fuze to FS for another one as there is something wrong with the headphone jack - sounds like it is underwater or something unless I don’t plug in the head phones all the way… I think it is defective… so I was just gonna do an exchange… now I will do an upgrade…I am in Richmond Hill so hope to be able to get it for the 79.99 - 10% pricematch… 

Thanks for the info