8 GB Cruser Fit


I have converted my iTunes song to MP3’s, and I tried copying and pasting them into the flash drive. I don’t have many songs, maybe 25, but the space where you paste them into is filled and won’t move up letting me finish pasting the songs in! It tried playing the usb in my car and what is on there works, but I’d like to get them all on there! Can anyone help me? Hope I’m making sense!

Where are you pasting them?  What error message are you getting when you try to add more songs?  What system are you using to write to the drive? 

Ii am pasting them in the vault that has .exe on it. I can’t load a photo taken with my iPad for some reason…I am not receiving any error, I just can’t scroll down any farther so there is no space to add more files. I am using Windows 7. 

This is is all I can fit in.


If you read what it says at the very bottom of your upside down screen shot the USB drive is less than 2% full.

If you store the music files in the SecureAccess vault your radio won’t be able to access them.  Just use Windows Explorer to copy the files directly to the USB drive and bypass using the SecureAccess app.

The photo isn’t upside down on my view of the website… This my first attempt to doing anything like this but I don’t know how to do what you are telling me. 

Got it figured out. Thanks.