8 gb clip and PS3 troubles

Hi there,

i just cant get my PS3 to recognize my 8 gig sansa clip. the version is 02.01.32F and its in msc mode but the ps3 realizes some unknown device is plugged into the usb but i cant access it. i browsed this boad quiet a bit but couldnt find a solution.

id appreciate some help. thanks in advance

MSC would be the right mode.  I know not all mp3 players will connect to ps3.    If is shows an unknown device, I’m assumeing it can’t browse the device as a flash memory.    But if u can browse it.  Files loaded with MTP mode will not show up in MSC mode.  But im sure this isn’t your issue.  Post back if you get it working and what you had to do .

Good luck

i could not browse anything. i tried to reformat the player, update it and add files in the right usb mode but the result is the same

If you use Windows: does your computer recognize your Clip as a “removable disk”, associating it with a drive letter? 


I noticed the following under the Firmware update release 32F:

Known Issues:
•EQ spectrum moves slowly when playing OGG content that is 16KHz or below
•When Device is on, it will not be recognized by PS3 console when connect to it
•Repeated songs in playlist do not playback properly
•Playlists containing Audiobook folder files does not work

I am not sure if it means you have to have it turned off,  then connect it.  Or turn it off then back on while its connected.  Or if its incompatable.   If this is a long term issue,  or a new issue with this firmware version?  

Can someone in-the-know explain what this means?  Is there a work around?

•When Device is on, it will not be recognized by PS3 console when connect to it

thanks ! !

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So, I’m curious,   Did you get it to work?     Is it a matter of turning it off before plugging it in?   Hopefully its working for you.   Please answer back so other PS3 owners who have a clip will know from your experience :)   Thx

ya, it has to be turned off when you plug it in , thanks again