64GB mSD card SILENCES Galaxy S3

I had bought a Sandisk 64GB Class 10 with my shiny Galaxy S3 a year ago.

After working for a few months, one day I was too late for work because I had not heard any alarm. The same thing happened for a lot of times and I was late for work around 10 times until I could figure out what was causing the problem.

With mSD inserted, the cellphone would go totally silent. Not silenced via options or anything, it just does not ring at all. The alarm had rung, the calls had rung however th cellphone could jut not “sing” at all.

Formatting mSD or cellphone did not work out. Eventually I had to physically remove the mSD and the phone recovered from all “silent” hiccups.

Did any of you encounter such a weird problem? Or what did you do to fix your “notorious” 32/64GB Sandisk mSD malfunctioning on a Samsung?

Thank you.