64GB Flash Drive in read only mode

I have a 64 GB USB 3.0 flash drive which went rogue. After copying data to it, the flash drive decided it would be read only. Could not format it under Windows 7 Pro, Windows 10, or Linux.

I thought, as it was already stuffed (I understand from these forums, a common occurence), I would try something different.

I had a defective USB cord. I cut off the ends at the micro end and separated the power supply cables. A bit of solder to tidy things up.

Plugged said cable into the PC and ‘shorted’ the defective USB flash drive with the exposed wires of the USB cable.

Plugged the defective USB drive into the PC.

Windows 10 recognised the drive and the previously copied content.

I tried reformatting this USB drive, and, by golly, the reformat work.

The once locked read only USB drive is now once again usable.

Please try this yourself and comfirm back to this thread that this crude action works to recover bad drives.