64 GIG SSD NOW 200 hangs frequently

I purchased this drive from Staples a few months ago and installed it in my laptop. My laptop would constantly freeze after installing it. Come to find out I could not turn on trim since the laptop was running windows vista and the laptop did not support ACHI. I decided instead to install it in my file server that is running windows 7. It still hangs in windows 7. This is with a clean install, service pack 1, all of windows updates installed and all current drivers for the mobo. I have ACHI turned on as well.

I tried to run the Kingston toolbox but it finds no Kingston drives when I run it. I found the article in the FAQ about this problem and did what it suggested to resolve this issue (manually install standard ACHI driver). Did this but it still cant find the drive.

I run HD sentinel hard drive monitoring software in my server and it shows that 24 errors occurred during data transfer. The software shows the drives health at 80%. It started out at 100% yesterday but has since declined on an hourly basis. I have tried running the short self-test and extended self-test that the drive supports in SMART but both tests hang up and never complete.

Any suggestions would be appreciate.

Thanks in advance.

first i would download the sandisk ssd tool kit and check SMART using it but it sounds like the drive needs to be replaced. 

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