5 effective computer cleaners

5 effective computer cleaners


It is not surprising when CCleaner is mentioned first. After being launched on the market, this utility has proved to be a lightweight and effective computer cleaner.

CCleaner can permanently delete junk files, duplicated files, empty folders or vestiges after the uninstallation process. It can also clean up Windows Registry, delete cookies, cache or Web browsing history to speed up Internet access, etc. Hence, your computer will run much more stably and quickly.

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.] Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller helps you delete redundant files, temporary files or duplicated files, fix errors in Windows Registry and also uninstall applications on your computer quickly. Hence, your computer will achieve the efficiency as it had in the beginning and the space on hard drive will be freed considerably.

You can feel secure that your personal information will be protected absolutely because this utility will delete all the Web browsing history, Cache memory, cookies, downloaded links, etc. on Web browsers.

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At the end of top 5 computer cleaners, it is Eraser. However, its features are not inferior to 4 software above.  Eraser is helpful for people who want to delete all files on the system in order to release the computer memory and make your computer run stably.


Eraser is used to delete vestiges of files which are deleted before and remove recoverable files or folders which exist as hidden files on your computer. Furthemore, this utility can work on external storage devices like USB or portable hard drive.

 Auslogics Disk Defrag

Auslogics Disk Defrag is the software for defragging and cleaning up the hard drive… In our opinion, this is the best defragmenter for Windows. Integrated with intelligent tools and algorithms, this utility can fulfil tasks quickly and optimize the information system to boost up the drive.

Auslogics Disk Defrag defrags just in a few minutes even when your computer contains multiple large files and it can also defrag separate files, etc. Hence, your computer runs faster as it did in the beginning.


Unlike software above, Recuva functions to recover data and important files which are deleted mistakenly. This utility can restore various file types such as images, Audios, Videos, documents, archive files, etc.

Hence, while working on the computer, if you accidentally delete a certain folder which contains very important files, you can use Recuva to restore those files. After recognizing that you deleted the wrong file, you should stop copying files on that devices or drives to ensure the successful data recovery.

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