4gb microsd ..Battery consumption increase and slow transfer speed..

I noticed that when using my express with my Dane-Elec 4gb microsd (formatted to FAT (64 allocation size)) that battery life has been reduced. I figure its because of the refresh database each time the unit starts. Any thoughts on this? 

A major issue I have is that the transferring files to the 4gb microsd (while plugged into the express) is extremely slow. Around 1mb/sec. However when transferring in my laptops card reader, its around 4-5 mb/sec (class 4 card). The only issue with using the card reader and inserting back into the express is that the refresh database takes a very long time. About 25 min for 2.5 gb of music. If I transfer when the card is in the express, it will only take about 5 minutes to refresh but again the slow 1mb/sec transfer speed.  Anything I can do to improve the speed and not having a long refresh of database?

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Anything over 2GB should be formatted as FAT32, not FAT.

I tried FAT32 and the express does not recognize the folders in it. Only works with FAT. Its there a particular allocation size of Fat32 that might work?

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Fat 32 and 32kb allocation did not work with my sansa express. Would be interesting on what format everyone is using and transfer speeds with it.