4GB Fuze+ white screen with a blue smear!! Weird!

Hi. I have a new Fuze+ which worked well for perhaps a month. Then, one day while playing music, the screen zonked into this sort of white mess with a blue smear. So it is impossible to navigate. The display is, in other words, shot … although if I’m lucky enough to touch screen my way to a playlist, I can hear music, or the radio. So underlying functionality seems intact. When plugged into my imac, I can see the FUZEP folder fine and contents therein. While I could still “see” a display, I had set the Fuze+ to USB for reasons of my Imac. Can you suggest a way out of this mess? I haven’t had it long. But I also use a Mac, so while I have downloaded the latest firmware, not sure of how to install. Or do I even need firmware? I’d settle to begin with a reset, but no idea to effect this on a Fuze+. Suggestions welcomed!

There’s a separate forum for Fuze +. Try there.