4Gb Fuze freezes when slotradio card is inserted

New fuze, 4gb model…plug in a brand new, straight from the package slotradio card and the player freezes solid. Remove the chip and the player starts working within a second or two.



Is your firmware up-to-date?  Slotradio cards only became compatible with the fuze two firmware versions ago.

Forgot that info…the version is v02.02.28a. The update ran without incident.

do you have other micro sd cards? if so do they work normally in the fuze. if so it could be a bad card. if you have a micro sd reader or an sd adapter and a sdhc reader you can test the card in a computer. you will not be able to see the songs on the card but you will be able to see a 64MB partition. if you can read and write to this partition the card is probably ok. 

You aren’t ‘hot-swapping’ are you? The way your message reads is that you are inserting or removing the cad while the player is powered on. You should only do this while the player is OFF.

new development…

If the chip is inserted while powered off, then the unit is powered on, it freezes on the 4-color logo…nothing more happens.

I found another micro sd chip, loaded a few songs on it, then inserted into the slot. It refreshed the listing and allowed me to play a song.

Based on all this, I think we are down to a bad slotradio sd chip



Sounds like a bad microSD to me, yes. That was definitely the experiment to perform.

I got the SAME thing and mSD card is good since its working fine an fuze02.02.26 but freezes with fuze02.02.28 firmware. (lates firmware has alsow but with volume gain)

Just go back to fuze02.02.26 it works.