4GB Fuze, Audible not activating...

I sold a Fuze (4GB, v1, working perfectly) to someone who is now having difficulty using it with Audible, on a Windows 7 machine with WMP12.  We upgraded the firmware, but it’s still showing a message that states, “Failed to set Activation data to device”.

I know exactly nothing about Audible, but it doesn’t seem like this is a problem with the actual Fuze, but more about compatibility. Could it be the WMP 12 that’s causing the error? Windows 7? Any ideas on how to go about solving this?

Thanks in advance!

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Is the USB mode on the player set to MTP? I think MTP is needed for Audible.

how to activate an audable book

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@rcallahan326 wrote:

how to activate an audable book

Follow the directions on the Audible website?

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I was having the same problem as the person in the OP, and this solution fixed it!  Just go to Settings > System Settings > USB Mode > and then make sure MTP is selected.  Mine wasn’t and when I did this, I was able to sync with Audible no problem.

Thank you!!!

Glad this worked for you. Changing the USB setting to MTP Mode was the 1st suggestion in this thread.

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This might seem like a simple question, but when you say “Just go to Settings…” can you please explain where and how to perfor this operation?  I have Windows XP, a SanDisk and the latest Audible software.  Thanks. 

The Settings option on your player, not your computer. :wink:

That is, turn the wheel. Settings is the next one past Music.

That worked.  Thanks so much for the rapid reply.