4GB clip - volume stopped working all of a sudden.


My 4GB clip’s volume controls just stopped working.  I still get sound, just no control over the level of it.  Everything else works, I can transfer files through WMP, play them, mess with the EQ, radio, etc… .  I can feel them clicking in, they just aren’t doing anything. 

It hasn’t been dropped or stepped on or anything, otherwise I’d just assume that was it - but I listened to it one day, put it on the table, picked it up the next and *poof* no volume control.

Any ideas?

You could try reapplying the firmware (see the firmware upgrade sticky at the top of the forum), hoping that the code just got a bit screwed up.

Otherwise, are you still under warranty?

I’ll try that and report back.

I bought it last May or June, but it was at a Best buy about 1300 miles away during a vacation, so I’m sure I don’t have the reciept.

No luck with the firmware update.  It went up to 1.02.15A, and is still in the same shape…

With each new purchase, I vow to store the receipt away, and then forget …  I’m in the same situation with you, with a bummer toaster.

Any chance BB would have a record in their system?  Might be worth it to make a call.  Or, if charged to your credit card, the credit card statement might suffice, in a call to SanDisk Customer Service for warranty replacement.