4GB Clip stores some mp3s, not others

I’ve had the Clip for a year or so now, and it never had this trouble before.

When I try to load mp3 files onto it lately, it will accept some, but not others. All are in mp3 format, and yes, my firmware is up-to-date.

Any possible solutions?

Are the goofy files correctly tagged?  Goofy tags can throw things off.

No, the tags are just fine. I’m pretty good about keeping everything neat.

I can’t tell any difference between the mp3s that load onto the device and those that don’t.

And do the problem files use the same tagging version as the others?  (I’m just noting things I’ve seen cause problems before.)

No. The tag version doesn’t seem to affect whether or not it gets loaded on to the Clip.

I mean YES, in answer to your question, but the version of the IDE tag doesn’t seem to affect whether it ges loaded on to the Clip or not.

Some get loaded, some don’t - even if they all have the same IDE tag version.

OK, I switched back to loading songs with Windows Media Player instead of Songbird, and the problem seems to have corrected itself (although I first had problems loading songs on to the Clip using WMP, so I’m not sure exactly what the problem was/is.)

If I have problems in the future, I’ll check the metadata, like you said. Thanks.

Great to hear!  And good old drag-and-drop can be a nice solution as well.

Okay wait…I am having the exact same issue with my new 2g Clip ut I am using Windows Media and I’ve tried loading through the Windows framework same issue. Any help?