4gb Clip restarting by it self

Hello all! My 4gb clip had been work perfectly for a few months but now it keeps shutting off or turning on by it self. sometime it will last a few minutes sometimes just a few seconds before it decided to turn it self off. I’ve resetted the player and upgraded firmware and pretty much anything i could think off but the problem presists. (btw: it does this even while its connected to the computer)

ANY help would be great

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I do wonder if it is a hardware failure.

I don’t know if it will help, but have you tried reformatting from the Clip (under Settings)?  That sometimes can help, in unknown circumstances.

Miikerman wrote:

I do wonder if it is a hardware failure.

Kinda sounds like it. I’d call SanDisk Tech Support. If they can’t get it going for you, and determine it is a defective unit, they can set you up for a replacement under warranty. :smiley: