4gb and vista

Hi great forum.

I did not see this in FAQ. First some background info. I previously had the 2gb clip and this did not occur. Now I have the 4gb and in the tray at bottom right is an icon for “sync center” . Not sure what it does or if it is causing my problem. When I sync with WMP 11 it puts on my playlists ,but it also wants to sync my entire library which i do not want to do. How do I stop this or clear this? 

I am thinking it may have been a setting I did not pay attention to when windows does it’s initial device setup for the clip. I went through this process and did not really pay attention to the settings. Also maybe because the 2 gb i previouly had would not hold all my files it did not kick in then??

thanks for any help

I figured it out. I have always used Jet audio so WMP is new to me. TB