4g clip not recognized by WinXP


I just had a computer rebuilt which is working fine on WinXP w/srvc pak 3, except it fails to recognize my new 4g sansa clip.

My other computer recognized it and, before the rebuild, loaded the thing up with about 3g of music which plays fine.

I went to charge it and upload some new aquisitions when I realized it wasn’t being recognized.  The new computer makes the connection sound, but fails to list the item under My Computer.

Strange thing is, the new computer recognizes my older 2g clip.

I haven’t uploaded the firmware update thing because I looked at my 2g clip, and it has the same version on it: 01.xx.18.  Plus, I figure, how can I upload something to it if it doesn’t recognize it.

Also, when I originally hooked up my 2gclip to my old computer (a year or so ago?), I remember coming here and obtaining information which prompted me to update the version and alter the clip’s settings to become a mass storage device.  I believe the reason I had to do the last procedure was due to my old computer having an outdated (or lack of service packs) operating system.  I’m not sure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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i have exactly the same problem…:frowning: any help?