480GB SSD Plus left 15% life remaining health status

My one year plus SSD Plus 480GB HDD left 15% health life remaining, should I sent back for warranty or what? Can I sent it back with this low health condition reason?

Hi @edwinkkc,

Please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Are you downloading torrents or something, its really hard to drive the write life down that far that fast any other way.


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This unit just for normal use in office excel word and some accounting software and only On while office hours. Not for torrent that’s why I feel weird why the life shorten that way, I got other unit all ok.

Now it drop until 13% I am not sure do I still using it or have to change it immediate.

Technical ask me keep using on it and not mention about the warranty or sent back. Now drop to 13%

Very strange, I would leave open windows task manager performance monitor and look at what is constantly writing to the drive, perhaps nothing, but if something is, no drive will survive.

Then again the life remaining may just mean the spare sectors are being used up rapidly, in that case the flash is just failing as defective.