4 gb screen brightness + firmware 01.01.29 ??

I have not seen any detailed comments on how the outdoors screen visibilty is doing with the new firmware… Anyone?

I haven’t taken it outside yet.  What I did notice was that the screen with the firmware upgrade is not as bright as I thought it ultimately would be–it would be interesting to do a side-by-side comparison of the earlier and the new firmware, as the new firmware does not seem much brighter. 

Right now, I have the display set to the top of brightness, where it is about equivalent to 2 clicks from the left on the brightness selector on the 2gb Clip.  Once again, fine for indoors (but I thought that was the case before, when I had set the display lower).

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I agree that the screen is a bit brighter with .29, however… I took my 4gb Clip outside today, and I really would not say that the issue is resolved. Still too much reflection to allow for easy use in bright conditions. Like many have said in this forum, I do not find this to be a big issue.

Personally, this goes in the category of things that I do not care much about in the context of the Clip. I wanted an ultracompact, great sounding player with lots of memory and a screen (which I use more in the context of loading files and at the gym).

Having said all that, I think it is fair to say that it was a usability mistake (although maybe not a marketing one, silver looks cool) to make the screen so reflective. My hope is that Sansa will abandon that coating from here on out; I don’t see how any amount of brightness enhancement could fix the problem.

Sansafix, are you sure that the 4gb brightness improvement feature made it into the new firmware upgrade?

I just compared a 4gb player with both the .20 and .29 firmware applied, to a 2gb player with the .29 firmware, and in each case, the 4gb player with the brightness turned all the way up was along the lines of the 2gb player at the second click from the left on the brightness scale.  Although it is hard to compare and I don’t have 2 4gb players on which to do a side-by-side comparison, I can’t say that I really can see any or much difference as to the brightness on the 4gb player, with the .29 firmware.

Perhaps others will find otherwise.

I also didn’t notice any significant difference.  I don’t have a 1/2GB to compare and I didn’t bother trying to A/B the old and new firmware.  But I did check out the brightness after the update, and if it is brighter at all, it’s certainly not a big difference.  Based on the earlier descriptions of the proposed fix, I kind of expected to crank it up and go “wow that’s bright!”, but it was more like “huh, I guess it’s brighter?”

So I think it is possible that the brightness fix didn’t make it in, or if it did, it didn’t turn out as expected.  In any case, I don’t think the new FW is going to make any significant difference in full sunlight readability.  For me it’s not an issue, but I expect others might be disappointed.

Even so, this is still a really fantasic FW update, so thank you Sandisk!

I, too, thought that there would be a major improvement/increase to the brighntess, of 150% of the old or more from what I recalled reading here …


You may get a little more brightness at the MAX setting. Not all the OLEDs will show the same amount of improvement,  but on average there is an improvement.

Thanks, SanaFix, although the final result is disappointing.  As you had stated earlier, I wouldn’t recommend the 4gb player for those with bright sun needs without them understanding this limitation (but I find similarly as to the 2gb player).