32gb Ultra occasional but persistent clicking or popping noise until RS is removed from the USB port

I bought a SanDisk Ultra 32gb last week, as a replacement for a 16gb Cruzer, and several times it has caused different computers (XP & W7) to begin clicking, similar to accidentally holding a key down, but not quite as consistent timing.  I’ve tried unplugging the kbd & mouse, but the only way to make it stop is to close all the files, release it, & remove it from the computer.  Re-insertion is then OK.

I have noticed a similar complaint with the SanDisk MP3 player.

I suspect you have some app that is reacting to the new drive added to the system.  It could be a game, a music/video app or even a security app.  Could the clicking be from a CD/DVD drive rather than a key?

I don’t think I have any games but Ms Solitair etc, which I haven’t played for a while.

I have AVGIS 2013, but the library computer does not, and it happened both places.

The sound is comming from the speakers, but there is no inherent or visible indication why.  

I was not running any CD or media programs either time.  I was editing (Word & Notepad) and moving files around each time.

Unpluging the speakers stops the sound, but not the problem.

Unplugging (after I close the files & release the drive) the Ultra stops the sound, but does not explain or solve the problem.

I don’t have any idea how to find out if there is an interaction between the Ultra  and any other Windows software.

Is there a more practical description of how to use the SSA vault?  Perhaps typical things to do and not do with the SSA vault.  

I think it was running both times, and it is not very compatible with normal Ms Win user GUI behaviors.  (Limited Menu, folder, & properties; no right drag options or help; silent overwrite, and many other oddities which I have not seen described.)  Could the clicking be an undocumented signal?  I think that there is a Windows 270 root file count limit (with dumb error msg), but I think I only had a couple dozen root files in the vault.

Very, very strange.

Do you have any files/folders in the root of the flash drive other than: club_application, My Vaults, SanDiskSecureAccess, autorun.inf, RunClubSanDisk.exe and RunSanDiskSecureAccess_Win.exe?  I’m wondering if you have an .mp3 or wma or other type of music file in the root that might explain the sound.

In that the device is solid state, has no moving parts, using it causes no sound.  So the sound you are hearing has to have another explanation.