32GB UHS1 Class10 MicroSD unable to be recognised by ASUS PadFone.

I have reformatted the microSD card but the device was unable to read the memory card despite the specs stating it supports up to 32GB HC . I have tried on another ASUS PadFone with the same results. The device sometimes will detect an SD card but will not able to mount it.

The microSD card, however, can be read by PC as per normal.

Seriously no help here? the uSD card has already been formatted in FAT32

I would try something slower than a Class 10 memory card. It’s a waste unless you’re shooting HD videos to it, and there have even been compatibilty problems with that speed of card and some of SanDisk’s own mp3 players.

The funny thing is that it can be read by my older Transformer Tablet just fine.

I have a similar problem for which I can find no answer. My Nexus 7 (16GB Android 4.2.1, NOT rooted) cannot see my 32GB UHS-1 Class10 microSDXC (FAT32) card in SanDisk MemoryZone app. Hardware is not a problem as Nexus Media Importer app sees the card correctly on the same device with the same OTG.

I have uninstalled MemoryZone, downloaded it again and reinstalled it twice to no effect. MemoryZone sees only the internal memory and otherwise appears to be working correctly.

Should the card  be seen by MemoryZone on an unrooted device, or is there some other setting which I have missed that would solve my problem?