32Gb thumb drive, password hint disappeared after update.

I have several USB thumb drives I use to store financial information. The thumb drives included secure access, which I used to keep my info confidential. When I set each drive up, I used a password that had some letters that were common but known only by me, and numbers that were unique. To make life easy, I simply put the numbers in the password hint, so I didn’t have to remember those. I needed some tax info from my taxes drive, and attached it in to my laptop. It popped up a message to update the firmware, so I did. Then I tried to log on, but the password hint is no longer there. Without my hint, I have no idea what numbers I used for that drive. Tech support was no help. I thought maybe they could tell me how to walk back the update, but no. Is there anything I can do to get my data back?

Take a nap.

Take a shower.

These work for me to remember things.

For the future, make up a list of all the passwords and store it on each of the drives.